Quality Software Solutions

System Development

For custom system development efforts Lereve Labs works with your team to understand your business and propose different solutions giving your business cost-effective and winning proposal to accomplish the desired outcome. Our team follows a simplified agile approach where work is broken down into manageable chunks of work and as each section of work is completed we provide updates on the completed task and updates of the next planned tasks.
Lereve Labs Enterprise Web Systems
Enterprise Web
Lereve Labs has experience developing scalable and complex web applications for any size business. We have a team experienced in building clean HTML, CSS and server side code.

Lereve Labs Smart Clients
Smart Clients
Lereve Labs can help your business create an effective distributed smart client that can either sync results back to a server or act as a stand alone downloadable component.

Lereve Labs Web Services
Web Services
Let Lereve Labs help your business create a set of web services for internal company communication or to help your business to start participating in Web 2.0.

Lereve Labs Technology Refresh
Technology Refresh
Every company has that nasty legacy application that nobody wants to touch. Stop talking trash about a computer system and let us help you get rid of the headache once and for all.

Mobile Development

Mobile is one of the fastest growing areas of technology and having a mobile presence has become critical for any business to compete in today’s fast-paced and device oriented environment. Lereve Labs can help your business reach new markets by creating a fun iPhone or Android app, an interactive location based aware app or by creating a mobile version of your website that users can use on any mobile.
Lereve Labs iOS Development
iOS Developent
An iPhone app can transform your business and create new ways to interact with customers. We can help create an app from the initial concept to uploading the product to the app store.

Lereve Labs Mobile Web
Mobile Web
Have you ever visited a site on your mobile phone that was unreadable? More and more consumers are visiting websites on mobile phones and having a compatible version of your site is critical.

Lereve Labs Android Development
Android Development
Over 40% of all mobile devices run the Android operating system and having an Android mobile presence can help reach this large number of users.

Lereve Labs Location Based Service Development
Location Aware Apps
More and more location aware applications are popping up. Let Lereve Labs help your company create a location aware application to interact with users with their mobile devices.

Cloud Computing

Lereve Labs can help your business move your software systems from an out dated managed hosting facility to Amazon or Microsoft’s cloud. By moving to the cloud your business can take advantage of the low cost, elastic, secure and flexible features of cloud computing. In addition to hosting cloud computing also offers cost effective storage, efficient web caching and scalable database alternatives.
Lereve Labs Amazon AWS Support
Amazon Web Services
Amazon web services or AWS has been at the forefront of cloud computing and has some of the most innovative solutions int he market. Lereve has extensive experience with Amazon’s cloud including leveraging their extensive set of APIs for integrated solutions.

Lereve Labs Windows Azure Cloud Support
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure has become more prominent in recent years and offers similar cloud computing features as Amazon. Azure uses an open protocols which will give your business flexibility to use any language or framework that fits best for your business.

Small Business Support

As small business ourselves, Lereve Labs wants to do what we can to help other small businesses save money on technology by utilizing other services specifically setup for small businesses. We are also open to forming strategic partnerships with organizations that need technical support and are not in the technical industry.
Lereve Labs Google Apps Setup
Google Email and Apps Setup
Let Lereve Labs help you get your business setup to start utilizing the collaborative Google app suite. The suite includes flexible email, shared calendars, and online documents.

Lereve Labs WordPress Setup
WordPress and Blog Setup
Setting up a WordPress website is an easy way to get a number of features for a low effort. Lereve Labs has experience setting up new WordPress sites and adding customizations.

Lereve Labs Domain Configuration
Domain Configuration
Configuring your new domain can be fun time for a new business but it can also be a little difficult. Let us help ensure your domain is setup correctly and secure from being lost.

Lereve Labs Marketing Website Development
Marketing Website Development
Lereve Labs is partnered with a number of designers and wour team can help create a more consistent image and convert those concepts into a reality.

Social Plugins

Creating a social plugin is a great way to create more social interaction by consumers with your product or brand. The web 2.0 wave has brought a wide range of opportunities to create plugins and fun tools to reach these users. Let Lereve Labs help you create a plugin to help reach more brand advocates.
Lereve Labs Facebook Development
Facebook Plugin
Facebook is the most popular social networking platform on the planet. Create a social presence on Facebook by extending it with a social plugin and it will help raise your brand awareness.

Lereve Labs Google Development
Google Apps Plugin
In addition to using Google Apps for your business you can build your own plugin that is specific to your line of business and market it to other consumers.

Lereve Labs LinkedIn Development
LinkedIn Plugin
In just the last year LinkedIn has added a number of ways to integrate plugins with their site to help create more connections with your company. See a complete list of plugin options here.

Lereve Labs Twitter Development
Twitter Plugin
The existing Twitter widgets them selves are not that useful but building an extension with Twitter’s API into your website or software solution is an easy way to connect users.

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