Cloud Computing

Lereve Labs can help your business move your software systems from an out dated managed hosting facility to Amazon or Microsoft’s cloud. By moving to the cloud your business can take advantage of the low cost, elastic, secure and flexible features of cloud computing. In addition to hosting cloud computing also offers cost effective storage, efficient web caching and scalable database alternatives.


Lereve Labs Amazon AWS Support
Amazon Web Services
Amazon web services or AWS has been at the forefront of cloud computing and has some of the most innovative solutions int he market. Lereve has extensive experience with Amazon’s cloud including leveraging their extensive set of APIs for integrated solutions.

Lereve Labs Windows Azure Cloud Support
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure has become more prominent in recent years and offers similar cloud computing features as Amazon. Azure uses an open protocols which will give your business flexibility to use any language or framework that fits best for your business.

Featured Case Study

Lereve Labs Amazon Migration Case Study
Infrastructure Migration To Amazon
Recently, Lereve Labs helped a social media company in Washington D.C. to convert their existing systems from an outdated managed servers to Amazon’s cloud computing environment. Lereve Labs helped devise a plan migration plan, setup and secured the cloud beta environment which allowed the company to test the system before going live. After the beta test our team conducted the final migration and the company didn’t experience any down time.

After the update to the cloud servers our team also provided guidance on upgrading from a costly SQL Server database to utilize Amazon’s SimpleDB. The team setup the data strategy for the non-relational data structures and created a set of classes for data access components. Currently the company is utilizing this new infrastructure and experiencing better response rates than with the SQL Server database.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is moving to cloud good for my business?
There are many good reasons to move to the cloud but maybe one of the best is the flexibility. By hosting your systems on the cloud you have more control over your infrastructure and can reduce costs by more effectively utilizing the hardware.

If I move to a virtual server, is my data safe?
Both Amazon and Microsoft cloud servers offer many layers of physical and logical security measures to ensure the security of your data. The facilities have received different types of security audits for example HIPAA and FISMA moderate to name a few.

How much does it cost to host my site in the cloud?
Cloud computing is billed based on how much you use. There isn’t one list for cloud pricing because there are so many services but it can be computed per hour or based on how much space you use. Here are links for computing services for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Do I have to pay for software licensing?
No, not exactly. One of the nice features of cloud computing is you don’t have to worry about licensing anymore BUT you still have to pay for it. Both Amazon and Microsoft build the licensing into the pricing. This is why a Linux instance will cost less than a Windows instance.

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