Mobile Development

Mobile is one of the fastest growing areas of technology and having a mobile presence has become critical for any business to compete in today’s fast-paced and device oriented environment. Lereve Labs can help your business reach new markets by creating a fun iPhone or Android app, an interactive location based aware app or by creating a mobile version of your website that users can use on any mobile.


Lereve Labs iOS Development
iOS Developent
An iPhone app can transform your business and create new ways to interact with customers. We can help create an app from the initial concept to uploading the product to the app store.

Lereve Labs Mobile Web
Mobile Web
Have you ever visited a site on your mobile phone that was unreadable? More and more consumers are visiting websites on mobile phones and having a compatible version of your site is critical.

Lereve Labs Android Development
Android Development
Over 40% of all mobile devices run the Android operating system and having an Android mobile presence can help reach this large number of users.

Lereve Labs Location Based Service Development
Location Aware Apps
More and more location aware applications are popping up. Let Lereve Labs help your company create a location aware application to interact with users with their mobile devices.

Featured Case Study

Lereve Labs Spanish Quick Flashcards
Spanish Flashcard iPhone App
Last year Lereve Labs teamed up with Atraza Communications to create an iPhone app with the goal to “create a bridge between English and Spanish speakers”. To keep things simple we agreed to make a simple flashcard application with a few simple criteria. The app needed to have the ability to 1) Go through flashcards quickly and without unnecessary clicks 2) The app needed to have examples of sentences giving context to the word 3) The app needed to be able to update remotely for new words and lists. Lereve Labs built a mini administrative module to manage the flashcards remotely and used Amazon SimpleDB to store the data and built the iPhone app from start to finish. We finished the app ahead of schedule and released it to the app store and have received a number of good feedback. Click Here to download the app now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the iPhone and Android app be developed together?
Yes! Making the iPhone and Android app at the same time is a good way to ensure you’ll have a app that will be available to a large number of users from the start. It is also possible to finish one app and then move the other platform after all major issues are resolved.

Can the location based app integrate with Foursquare?
Our team has experience working with Foursquare, Yelp, and other existing location based platforms and we can integrate your mobile app or internal systems to be able to take advantage of the services offered from these companies.

How different is a mobile website from the original?
Usually the mobile website will have the same content and menu structure as your main marketing site but there will be modifications to menus and layout to be able to adapt to the smaller resolutions on mobile devices. The experience and branding should be very close to the same.

Can people from our company work on the project too?
Lereve Labs is happy to provide expertise on and collaborate on projects together. Whether you have a junior developer that you want to get mentoring or an experienced data architect to manage the data we’ll work with you to find the best balance for the project to achieve success.

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