Small Business Support

As small business ourselves, Lereve Labs wants to do what we can to help other small businesses save money on technology by utilizing other services specifically setup for small businesses. We are also open to forming strategic partnerships with organizations that need technical support and are not in the technical industry.


Lereve Labs Google Apps Setup
Google Email and Apps Setup
Let Lereve Labs help you get your business setup to start utilizing the collaborative Google app suite. The suite includes flexible email, shared calendars, and online documents.

Lereve Labs WordPress Setup
WordPress and Blog Setup
Setting up a WordPress website is an easy way to get a number of features for a low effort. Lereve Labs has experience setting up new WordPress sites and adding customizations.

Lereve Labs Domain Configuration
Domain Configuration
Configuring your new domain can be fun time for a new business but it can also be a little difficult. Let us help ensure your domain is setup correctly and secure from being lost.

Lereve Labs Marketing Website Development
Marketing Website Development
Lereve Labs is partnered with a number of designers and wour team can help create a more consistent image and convert those concepts into a reality.

Featured Case Study

Lereve Labs Atraza Website Setup
Atraza – Website and Blog Setup
Recently Lereve Labs worked with Atraza Communications to update their image and stand-up a new corporate website and blog for the company. Our team worked with the Atraza team to find a WordPress theme they were happy with and then proceeded to go through the components of the site and determined different areas of customization. Once everyone was happy with the direction our team helped setup the servers, domain DNS settings and completed the agreed upon customizations.

Today Atraza is a leader in social media targeted towards Spanish speakers. Their accomplishes their goal to be able to communicate both business services and market segment expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lereve Labs customize WordPress Themes?
Yes! Our team has experience working with PHP and the customizations of WordPress themes. We can also help you to create different templates in an existing theme as well as creating customized widgets that you can distribute to other WordPress blogs.

How long does it take to create a new marketing website?
As always there are many factors in timelines but typically a new site can be easily completed from start to finish in around one month. If you already have a designer that you’re happy with we can work with them as well to just create the code markup for the site.

Can we create a custom business app for our business?
Yes! Google provides an API for utilizing their infrastructure to create custom business plugins that you can use internally OR that you can market on their business app store. If you have a plugin for Google apps Lereve Labs can help you create it.

Does Google Apps cost money?
Unless you’re a small business with less than 10 users or if you’re an educational organization Google Apps does cost money. Pricing options are broken down per user and you can view the full list of pricing options and compare the different editions of Google Apps here.

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