Social Plugins

Creating a social plugin is a great way to create more social interaction by consumers with your product or brand. The web 2.0 wave has brought a wide range of opportunities to create plugins and fun tools to reach these users. Let Lereve Labs help you create a plugin to help reach more brand advocates.


Lereve Labs Facebook Development
Facebook Plugin
Facebook is the most popular social networking platform on the planet. Create a social presence on Facebook by extending it with a social plugin and it will help raise your brand awareness.
Lereve Labs Google Development
Google Apps Plugin
In addition to using Google Apps for your business you can build your own plugin that is specific to your line of business and market it to other consumers.
Lereve Labs LinkedIn Development
LinkedIn Plugin
In just the last year LinkedIn has added a number of ways to integrate plugins with their site to help create more connections with your company. See a complete list of plugin options here.
Lereve Labs Twitter Development
Twitter Plugin
The existing Twitter widgets them selves are not that useful but building an extension with Twitter’s API into your website or software solution is an easy way to connect users.

Featured Case Study

Chrome – Amazon Extended S3 Browser
Lereve Labs has released a Chrome plugin that allows you to browse your Amazon S3 buckets. The new plugin which will open in a Chrome browser tab looks similar to the Amazon AWS management console and gives you functionality to create new buckets, add files, delete files and most importantly download files. We currently don’t support multi-file selection or moving files between buckets but check back often as we’ll make period improvements to make this plugin better.You can download the plugin in the Chrome App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Chrome plugins work in Firefox?
Unfortunately both browsers use different technologies and code to render so they do not work with each other but our team has experience making the plugins look similar and work the same.
Can you build a custom Facebook for our site?
We have created a number of Facebook integrations which range from using Facebook as an authentication tool to integrating some of the data Facebook has into a custom web app.
Why should I create a LinkedIn plugin?
LinkedIn has some information and data that makes it different from Facebook in Twitter in that it is more oriented towards business. You can use LinkedIn to show a list of current job openings at your company.
Do you work with not-for-profit?
We understand the important things not-for-profits provide for our community and world. We happily support these organizations and their efforts on a regular basis.
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