System Development

For custom system development efforts Lereve Labs works with your team to understand your business and propose different solutions giving your business cost-effective and winning proposal to accomplish the desired outcome. Our team follows a simplified agile approach where work is broken down into manageable chunks of work and as each section of work is completed we provide updates on the completed task and updates of the next planned tasks.


Lereve Labs Enterprise Web Systems
Enterprise Web
Lereve Labs has experience developing scalable and complex web applications for any size business. We have a team experienced in building clean HTML, CSS and server side code.

Lereve Labs Smart Clients
Smart Clients
Lereve Labs can help your business create an effective distributed smart client that can either sync results back to a server or act as a stand alone downloadable component.

Lereve Labs Web Services
Web Services
Let Lereve Labs help your business create a set of web services for internal company communication or to help your business to start participating in Web 2.0.

Lereve Labs Technology Refresh
Technology Refresh
Every company has that nasty legacy application that nobody wants to touch. Stop talking trash about a computer system and let us help you get rid of the headache once and for all.

Featured Case Study

Lereve Labs Case Study
Group Ordering System
In early 2010 Lereve Labs was approached by two young cycling enthusiasts in San Fransisco about helping them create a software system to solve a typical problem they face year after a year. Our team worked with their team to first come up with a set of wire-frames and an overall architecture plan and once everyone was in agreement on the core components of the application we started to execute the project. Before the end of the summer the new company had their first online order and a functioning system which included a marketing website, team ordering portal, integrated contact management (Gmail, Twitter, MSN and Yahoo), automated email templates, and an integrated payment system. The project was a success and the company is still growing today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lereve Labs update legacy applications?
Yes! We’ve work on a number of projects upgrading legacy applications from older technologies like ASP or even upgrading systems from ASP.NET to ASP MVC. A technology refresh can help your company continue to have a competitive advantage and secure your market position for the future.

Does Lereve Labs have experience with government clients?
Lereve Labs has worked with a number of different government agencies in and around the Washington D.C. area. We provide a high level talent and expertise and we typically finish projects faster and at a higher quality then our competitors.

How long will it take for my project?
Every project presents its own challenges so there is not one definite answer for how long it will take to complete a project. Before any project starts we do a thorough analysis of the problem and provide you with a expected timeline after development begins continually provide updates on progress.

Can people from our company work on the project too?
Lereve Labs is happy to provide expertise on and collaborate on projects together. Whether you have a junior developer that you want to get mentoring or an experienced data architect to manage the data we’ll work with you to find the best balance for the project to achieve success.

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