Mobile Web Development: increase customer loyalty and conversion rates


You put a lot of thought into creating what you feel is a pretty darn-good website. The process included hundreds of hours of research; design ideas by the score and maybe a focus session or two—not to mention the late-night discussions with a few, trusted advisers.

Overall, the website has been well received, plus the analytics coming in point to favorable ‘first-time unique visitors’ and an increase in click-thru’s.

But something’s missing in all the lessons learned, particularly with the high-percentage of smartphone users searching, gathering and deciding on what’s relevant to them: frankly, you feel you can do a better job in your Mobile Web Development.

A recent article in Small Business Trends, an online publication, challenges the business owner to get smart about making their websites integrate with the “Iphone instead of their iMac,” for example.

Here’s a summary of the post’s “4 Reasons Customers Prefer Your Mobile Web site:”

A stronger user-center design: Forget about showing off your website’s videos, flashing lights and spinning dogs; concentrate on a slim-down version with smart-users specific needs and quicker navigation.

Fewer Distractions: Simply give your visitor fewer choices to get them where you want them to go—you might be able to tweak your conversion rate by leading them to the click-thru and purchase more quickly.

Faster loading times: We want speed, velocity and blazing-fast load times, always. So, expect the smartphone user to want the same. Use Google’s analytical site to see how your traditional website compares before making it mobile-friendly.

Quicker access to social goods: Make it easy for them to scroll to your social media icons, like Facebook and Twitter so prospective customers can see who else is on board with your products and services.