Small businesses gaining from mobile web development


If you are a small business owner and you haven’t gone mobile yet, you are falling behind the curve.

A recent survey of small business (defined as having 2 to 50 employees) done by AT&T revealed the following:

  • 72 percent of respondents use mobile and 38 percent credit mobile apps with their business survival.
  • 40 percent say their employees use mobile devices and wireless connections when working outside the office.
  • 33 percent say they are using cloud-based software.

This sampling demonstrates that getting into the mobile game is going to be a key for small business moving forward.

The users answering the AT&T survey cited a number of ways they use mobile apps in conducting their business. GPS and mobile mapping apps were the out front leaders. Business owners also touted mobile applications as cost and time savers that helped boost productivity.

Successfully operating a small business has always been a challenge, but advances in computer technology have helped level the playing field and mobile web development is becoming a significant part of that. Those business people who can find ways to make technology work for them have a much better chance of success.

Smart business owners know that the essential factor for success depends on being where the customer is with what the customer wants or needs. Developing mobile apps to help them reach out to customers or to help their employees do better work is one more tool to help them accomplish that.

Sometimes, just knowing where to start can be frustrating. That’s where the team at Lereve Labs can help. We focus on helping small business owners master the power of the latest technology to reach their goals.

If you are looking to discover what the power of going mobile can do for your business, contact us.